We transport your cargo
by road, air and sea

Pentatrans Agentes Transitários, Lda.

The Pentatrans started its activity in 1985, with offices located at Rua Fort St. Apolonia lot 6 r / c Dt 1900-237 Lisbon, being the capital of Eur 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand euros). With the aim of providing services to our customers by offering the best solutions to the specific needs of freight by air, sea and road.

It has a customs sector for treatment of all processes related to the custom house, being recognized as Authorised Economic Operator AEO. Is licensed under No. 243/86 of the DMV, the associated APAT (Portuguese Association of Forwarding Agents) certified under the ISO 9001 under No. PT11/03793, agent authorized by INAC under No. PTRA/00051-01/0315.

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As forwarding company initially devoted himself first began to devote himself to the road traffic to and from Spain, France, Italy and England on an exclusive basis. In 1993 Pentatrans resizes your business for Sea and Air area becoming part of the road with the expression of the Iberian market. The Pentatrans is integrated in a network of agents that allows you to be able to ensure all types of service in various parts of the globe. In 1995 he begins to specialize in market Palops with great impact on the Angola market, which accounts for 70% turnover volume.

Our company is proud to be a reputable company resulting image of honesty, modernity and financial security we have in the market.